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Peggy Kincaid plays her cards right
Peggy Kincaid has been playing bridge for most of her life.

If you ask Peggy Kincaid how long she’s been a member of the Evansville Duplicate Bridge Club, she’ll say not that long. Ask anyone else, and they’ll inform you Kincaid has been a member for 12 to 15 years — at least.

Her membership in the bridge club, however, is nothing compared to how long she’s played the card game. The 96 year old learned as a child from her father. She’s been playing ever since.

“It seems like forever,” says Kincaid. “I’ve played for many years, however, not the new conventions. I played old-fashioned bridge. Everything is different now.”

In September, after decades of playing bridge, Kincaid earned her Life Master rank through The American Contract Bridge League’s North American Bridge Championships.

To earn a Life Master ranking, players joining before Jan. 1, 2010, have to amass at least 300 points in different categories — gold/platinum, red, black, and silver points — through regional tournaments. Kincaid was inspired to earn her ranking after her daughter Jane Perkins received her Life Master in January.

“I thought well I should get on the ball and get to these regionals,” says Kincaid. “So I went to three regionals and got my gold points to become a Life Master.”

Kincaid traveled with her daughter to three different tournaments in Nashville, Tennessee; Effingham, Illinois; and St. Louis to earn her points, reaching her Life Master status after the tournament in St. Louis.

Kincaid says the key to becoming a good player is learning from even better players. At the club in Evansville, Kincaid plays with different partners. During the regional tournaments, however, she always played with her daughter.

“The directors caught on to her in Nashville and just fell in love with her,” says Perkins. “When she got this in St. Louis, they were crying and hugging her. This one director, Brad, said, ‘Honestly, I’m as happy for you as I was when I got mine. No, I take that back. I’m happier for you.’”

At 96 years old, Kincaid is the oldest player in Indiana to earn a Life Master and one of the oldest in the country.

“You make a lot of friends playing bridge,” she says. “It passes away a lot of time for me, and you meet a lot of nice people.”

For more information about the Evansville Duplicate Bridge Club, call 812-471-3838 or visit


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