South of the Border in Southern Indiana

La Campirana brings authentic Mexican food to Washington Square Mall
One of La Campirana's most popular dishes is the chicken tacos paired with a sweet and spicy Mangonada smoothie.

Ezequiel Campos is bringing the authentic taste of his home country to Southern Indiana.

The former manager of the West Side Los Bravos and a native of Mexico says he and Abraham Brown decided to open their own restaurant about a year ago. In June, the pair opened La Campirana, which means “the one from the countryside.”

The small walk-up restaurant located in Washington Square Mall’s food court at 501 Washington Ave., serves the type of food people who live on the countryside feed their families in Mexico, according to Campos. Its savory options, mostly derived from family recipes, include classic quesadillas, tacos, sopes, gorditas, and tortas.

“This is not Americanized food you would usually see in Evansville,” says Campos. “This is food you would see on the streets of Mexico.”

The most popular choice on the menu is the homemade smoothies. Try a customer favorite, the Mangonada, which is a mango smoothie with fresh slices of mango and chamoy sauce topped with a spicy tamarind stick, offering both a sweet and savory mix.

Visit La Campirana Monday through Saturday from between 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. and Sunday between noon and 5 p.m.

For more information on La Campirana, call 812-550-1585 or visit its Facebook page.


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