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Honey Moon serves up unique treat

If you’re looking for the iconic waffle dents at Honey Moon Coffee Co., 612 S. Weinbach Ave., they are nowhere to be found. Instead, the café provides local breakfast lovers a dish that is all the rage on social media — a Hong Kong-style bubble waffle.

“We knew we just didn’t want to offer the same sort of foods you would find at other coffee shops. It had to be something unique,” says Honey Moon co-founder Zac Parsons.

Using the café’s signature moon batter, which was developed with the help of Lorenzo Minor (formerly of Lorenzo’s Bakery), bubble waffles replace dents with perfectly round bubbles, just right for holding up fruits, syrup, or even Bliss Artisan ice cream (a dish named waffogato).

“We don’t know why the bubble waffles took off,” says co-founder Jessica Farmer. “Maybe it’s the shape that’s attractive.”

“They crisp up nicely and the texture is excellent with a sweet taste,” adds Parsons.

For more information on Honey Moon Coffee Co., call 812-602-3123 or visit


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