Neo Neon

Mural brings new aesthetic to Self.e Alley

Brightening up the streets of Evansville has always been a goal of the Growth Alliance of Greater Evansville and the new neon mural in Self.e Alley certainly adds vibrancy to Downtown.

The mural, which took about five days to complete, is the brainchild of Marketing Communications Manager Abby Elpers with the help of office manager Ashley Riester. Elpers says she was researching murals around the country when she came across an artist from New York who did a graffiti-like neon style.

Evansville’s mural was painted by Michael Smith from Orange Moon Art Studio in Chandler, Indiana, using neon spray paint and fluorescent airbrush paint, which emits a glowing appearance.

Elpers says the mural has been well received by locals and suggests it was a needed attraction in today’s world.

“It’s funny how in times of crisis — a pandemic for instance — that art flourishes,” says Elpers. “This year especially, art and music has united us locally and across the world. Art can bring us together. It inspires and brings hope.”

Self.e Alley itself is a two-year-old project created to make the growing Downtown a more attractive destination to live and work. The goal of the alley is to celebrate the Evansville community and connect with the e is for everyone campaign. The plan is to eventually fill the entire alleyway with murals.


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