By The Numbers

Noteworthy facts about the Ford Center
The main concourse, overlooking Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and the Centre, features two-way glass.

•  290,000 Total square feet at the Ford Center.

•  127.5 Million of dollars for the design and construction of the arena.

•  0 Dollars from property taxes used to build the arena.

•  8 Camera positions to broadcast basketball games.

•  9,400 Seats available for a hockey game.

•  10,000 Seats available for a basketball game.

•  11,000 Seats available for a center-stage, maximum-capacity concert.

•  10,000 Seats available for an end-stage concert.

•  1,000+ Signatures on the beam that tops the arena.

•  23 Public restrooms.

•  20-22 Inches of width for each seat.

•  16 Number of 16-person suites.

•  1 Number of 24-person suites.

•  2 Number of 8-person mini-suites.

•  2 Escalators in the Ford Center.

•  4 Public elevators.

•  1 Freight elevator.

•  177 High definition televisions through the arena.

•  4 ATMs in the Ford Center. All concessions accept credit cards. 

•  20 Feet tall the backstage tunnel stands for circus elephants.

•  1 Time the regulation NHL ice sheet will be taken off the floor this year. Except for the Hadi Shrine Circus, the ice will lie underneath a layer of insulation when not in use.

•  16 Degrees Fahrenheit the ice sheet will consistently be kept at.

•  2012 Year LEED Silver Certification (internationally recognized green building certification system by the U.S. Green Building Council) for the Ford Center will be determined.

•  1,597 Jobs created for the construction of the arena. Of those jobs, 1,275 were local workers.

•  692,862 Hours spent by construction workers on the Ford Center. In total, that’s 28,869 days.

•  135 Events expected to be held at the Ford Center every year.

•  530 Estimated jobs that will result from the opening of the Ford Center.

•  3 Dressing rooms for performers.

•  6+ Main concession stands.

•  4 Seating levels (event, main, suite, upper).

•  23 Months, time it took to build the stadium, from demolition to the issuing of the Certificate of Occupancy.


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