Family Nourishment

Local chef can cook for the entire family, including pets
Melissa Gormley knows the value of working with clients to meet their nutritional and budgetary needs.

After four years as head chef at Raffi’s Restaurant of Evansville and one year as the owner of the Nitro Grill, Evansville native and certified culinarian Melissa Gormley knew it was time to set her sights on other ventures. Now, she has her own business, Nourish of Evansville, where she works as a personal chef. Through her business, Gormley implements her mission to foster joyful, healthy relationships between people and their food.

“I work within people’s budgets because I understand that eating home-cooked meals can mean various things for people budget-wise,” says Gormley. “While I do work with healthy food diets for people, it’s not always about just healthy eating. It’s basically about getting people back to eating less processed foods and getting families back to eating together.”

Gormley started Nourish of Evansville at the end of 2011. She had learned to cook from her father when she was younger and always enjoyed helping him with different tasks in the kitchen. Even though becoming a chef was not her initial goal, her passion for preparing food led her in that direction.

“When I first started college, that was not at all what I was going to do,” Gormley says. “But I realized what I enjoyed doing a lot was preparing food and having gatherings. So it just happened because I realized what I really enjoyed doing was cooking.”

As a personal chef, Gormley develops delectable programs and weekly budgets that cater to the needs of her clients. She assists with creating meal plans, gives cooking lessons, shows clients how to shop at the grocery store, and can provide some catering for family events. She also can cook for the entire family — and even pets — no matter their dietary needs.

Gormley realized there was a need for home-cooked pet food with certain dietary needs through working at her family’s Highland Veterinarian Clinic, 6805 Darmstadt Road. She explained that a lot of the ingredients are similar to human food, except for added supplements that are necessary for the animal on a per pet basis.

“My parents have owned the veterinary clinic for over 30 years, and what’s happened with that is a lot of their prescription diets have just gotten to be so expensive for people to try,” says Gormley. “We found and worked with a veterinary nutritionist, so it’s actually better than people trying to find things online, but the problem is you don’t always have the same ratios and things per pet.”

“What I do is based on the pet, the weight, and their condition, and I have the supplements that we use,” added Gormley. “It helps people out because they do want to take care of their pets. Just like each person, each pet has different nutritional needs.”

For more information on Nourish of Evansville, call 812-708-0600 or visit or the company’s Facebook page.


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