Corner Cupboard

Beth Martin’s cabinet serves many purposes

Barefoot Cottage owner Beth Martin purchased her favorite item of furniture, a relic storage cabinet, painted light green with a half dozen shelves, two years ago at a flea market during one of two annual festivals in Maeystown, Ill.

The door is an antique, and the cabinet, which stands 8 feet tall, was built around it. The pea-green hue was mixed to complement the door, and the worn style gives the appearance that it was all painted at the same time.

“I have a lot of furniture that I really like and can appreciate,” Martin says, “but I like things that can fulfill a purpose, too.” The cabinet does just that; it holds her and her mother’s antique ironstone collection, which has been 12 years in the making. Says Martin, “It’s my favorite piece because it’s beautiful aesthetically, functional for storage, and protects a collection that my mom and I both cherish.”


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